A letter from our friend Ilit Paz from Nir Am

In this letter, our friend and local employee describes her experiences on October 7, 2023, which has become known as "Black Shabbat“.

Hello and to all of you my Saxon Friends of Israel.

from Ilit Paz, Nir-Am, actually Tel Aviv, November 14th 2023

I’m writing to you this night from a place that feels very unnatural for me. Although we are near one of Tell Aviv's beaches, the city’s sounds are a complete contrast to my home.
After a very happy and busy sukkot, full of celebrations, (including a camp night on the green grass), we woke up to an alarm.
Had it been a day earlier, our community would have woken up in tents on the green grass. On Saturday morning at 6:30, the first alarm sounded, and everyone were at home and ran to shelter. One alarm after another simultaneously to the entire country. Miracle number one- we were at home and not in tents and unharmed.

One of the explosions was very strong and close, and I think it hit our electricity room since the safe room got dark.

At 6:45 we started hearing gunshots again, and again. We immediately considered that something might be seriously wrong. My husband Saar Paz initiated a call to find out if something is indeed wrong, and if his help is needed. He was told that, although the IDF only instructed us to be prepared, we decided, (we CDU – Civilian Defense Unit) to engage.
Saar got dressed and left us at home and the alarms and gunshots continued.
That decision proven to be our second miracle, when Hamas terrorist came, we were prepared for them.
Miricle number 3, due to the power failure, the yellow gates remained look and the terrorists could not get inside. Our men fought them of the fence. One managed to climb it and was immediately shot.

Miricle 4 – after a small army force was not successful in defending from the 35 terrorists that were very well hit in the building near our orchards. The force was all heart and one killed. A commander from special forces hears our CDU chiff's calling on the radio. Having been close, he decided to come to our aid. His very highly trained soldiers managed to kill the terrorists that were very close to claiming our fences.
At the end of the day, the army had one casualty and the police special forces had one casualty at Nir-Am.
At approximately 21:00 we got the order to leave the kibbutz SOS. The problem was we had no communication and since people were hiding in safe rooms, they had no wi-fi signal as well. It was extremely difficult to reach everyone. Between 22:00 to 7:00 I was making calls and sending the military to knock on doors and windows to call all those who could not receive my message.

By 7:00 I got to everyone and went to get some rest after 24 hours.
A few hours later, we joined the rest of my community at Herods hotel, where we have been staying until now, for over 37 days. We were embraced by the hotel and by the Tel Aviv community. They provided all our needs. Clothing, soaps, Shampo, baby products, even cosmetics.
We lost many friends, some killed, and some are kidnapped or missing, we can't really tell since the Red Cross gave no confirmation – as he is expected to so. Shira, my 15 years old daughter came to me the first night. She showed me a video of her class made. She said: mum, I think my friend has been abducted to Gaza, what should I do? How can I help Her?"
I was stunned, I had no words to replay such a surreal question. I asked her to go upstairs while I was checking to see if that is true or fake. I could not bring my self to call the mother, I contacted the had mistress of their school and found out that we have some students dead and some kidnap. The other district school has about 20 dead or kidnaped. On that Saturday, 10 kids went on a bike trip to the black arrow. 30-35 terrorists attacked them and the two adults with them. The attackers were dressed as IDF. It took them a second to understand. They ran away on their bikes to their vehicles, drove away to seek help. I young men lost his eye, one shot at his arm and one at his leg. But they all survived.
We hope you not only pry for us, but also speak up for us I Europe and for our friends over enemy lines. I feel the world is judging us while we are merely trying to protect our fellow Israelis. Would someone else protect them if not the IDF?
 your friend from Nir-Am - now TLV Ilit Paz


your friend from Nir-Am - now TLV Ilit Paz


Ilit Paz with Willi Gotter in Sderot 2019